This is quite often misunderstood by clients and some photographers so it’s a good question to ask; I actually retain the full copyright of all the photographs under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. However, I provide you with a full non-commercial license to use, share, print the photographs as you wish without any personal restrictions.

The Non-commercial part is purely a safeguard to stop other professional vendors using my photographs for their own promotion or commercial gain without my written permission – in that case if a vendor (let’s say florist) contacted you to say they wanted to use a photo from your wedding on their website (and you were ok with that) you would need to refer them to me rather than just give the photographs yourself. That way you are protected from a privacy perspective and I maintain my creative copyright.

A copy of the licence is provided to you; for example, if say you went to any reputable printers, they should first actually check to see if they are, copyrighted (which they are) and that you have licence to print (which you will have) them.

The only exception is for any slideshow DVD’s that contain music and is in a video format. These contain licensed music and therefore any further copying would be breaching the music copyright.