As a photographer, the more time I have to photograph your day, the better! Something to bear in mind when planning the day is that phrase “where did the time go?” and in my experience, it tends to be all the little things. For example – Ceremony 2:00pm to 2:30pm followed by Group Photos 2:30pm to 3:00pm. However, what is often overlooked would be the 10 minutes it takes for everyone to come out of the church so it would be better to say Groups at 2:40 to 3:10. Don’t forget to think about the traffic, time for hair and make-up, the time it takes to get into and out of a car while wearing your wedding outfits and the fact that everyone is going to want to come and chat to you.

All these things and more; will soon eat into the time available for photographs. However, I always say “It’s a wedding, not a photoshoot”; and I’m there to capture the memories of the day, not to tell you how I would like the day to go. However, what it is my job to do, is to advise you what can be best achieved in the time available and offer suggestions around meeting your expectations.