Improvise adapt and overcome!

Seriously though I’ve experienced some very ‘wet’ weddings before; and I’m generally prepared to deal with most situations; and we can discuss contingency in your plans. Having said that I’m also happy to arrange a post-wedding session; perfect excuse to show those wedding outfits again!

Don’t forget about light. How much light is in the venue is it bright or dark? It’s useful to find this out so that a photographer can be ready for it. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind the time of day and the direction of the sun, we want to avoid squint eyes too!

It’s not just about the weather too; I’ve been at weddings where the rings were forgotten, where one of the couple has been over an hour late, where the suits didn’t fit, have had to administer first aid, guests feinting; and where the flowers didn’t turn up and when they did they were wrong… A wedding is a fluid entity and sometimes things go wrong, what is important though is that your photographer is adaptable to the situations whatever is thrown at them!

Leaving you to not worry and just enjoy the experience!