A pre-wedding is just a 20 to 30, minute practice session where I go through the ‘routine’ and provide tips for getting those natural shots and is normally part of the final meeting before the wedding to go over the wedding plan.

Not everyone is natural in front of the camera so this is an informal opportunity for you to get to know me better and how I work. Quite often this will be at the wedding venue, (especially useful if I haven’t shot at the venue before) giving us the chance to look at the best locations and points of interest that can be utilised on the actual wedding day; and if you are looking to have some traditional/contemporary posed photographs, I can provide a few ‘posing’ tips and have a little practice too. The important factor is that you are already comfortable with me on the actual wedding day!

I do not normally provide the ‘test practice photographs, it is more about you getting a feel for being in front of the camera. However, that said if there are any ‘keepers’ I feel you would appreciate I may include them. If you would like a more detailed photography session, then you can upgrade to an Engagement session.

The pre-wedding meeting is also a chance to review your planner and verify the final details such as the timings, group shots, contacts and “who’s who”.