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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photography FAQ – Choosing a wedding photographer is arguably one of the more important things to consider when planning your wedding; and because I genuinely care, here’s useful list of common frequently asked questions and answers that come up; that can help guide you through the process of choosing the best wedding photographer for you!

Do I need to pay you before the big day?2019-02-08T14:58:33+00:00

Yes. I charge a standard booking fee of £275 (non-refundable) booking fee at the time of booking. The fee secures your wedding date and pays for your administration costs. The remainder of the balance is to be paid in full, 4 weeks (28 days) before the wedding date.

I accept a variety of payment methods Bank Transfer (preferred), debit/credit card, PayPal etc.). However, there is a £10 charge for payments via PayPal. I’m also happy for you to setup standing orders, if you wanted to break up the cost as a payment plan (conditions apply).

Do you airbrush or photoshop the photographs?2018-04-19T20:36:36+00:00

Airbrushing is a pre-digital era expression commonly used for the retouching of photographs; it is often associated with the ‘cover girl’ magazine whereby a model has been made to look thinner or the smoothing and removal of skin blemishes. Today the retouching is more commonly done through computer software such as Adobe Photoshop.

I check and edit every photograph that you receive as necessary to ensure the best possible quality. This may include, cropping or straightening the photograph, correcting any colour imbalances and conversions to/from colour and black & white photographs. If requested and wherever possible, I will also remove blemishes from close up portraits as naturally as possible.

Do we need to feed you or supply refreshments on the day?2018-06-04T15:07:37+00:00

During a wedding my focus is on getting the photographs of your day. It’s not always practicable to leave the venue in order to get some food, or be able to keep food fresh throughout a full day. so, I will normally ask for some food refreshments to be made available. I do appreciate that a wedding can be a big investment, so I’m not asking for a 3-course dinner, but at least something substantial that will keep me (and assistant photographer) going for a long day.

A lot of venues will have a ‘vendor’ meal option as part of your booking; and  I’ll never say no to a slice of wedding cake and a coffee!

How long is it before I get my photographs?2018-04-18T19:58:51+00:00

My ethos is to make every photograph the best it can be, by checking and editing every photograph for quality and therefore not to be rushed. so, it can take 8-12 weeks from the wedding day before being available for online viewing; and it should also be noted that the processing time may also be extended further during the main wedding season. This is due to the increase in demand for my services during the spring and summer, as well as Christmas and New Year seasons. Albums may also take longer as they are designed and hand-built by professional printers and bookbinders.

What’s a wedding consultation?2018-04-19T20:25:59+00:00

This is a free and no obligation face to face meeting; I will meet you at your home or agreed central location and we will discuss your wedding day plan as well as any specific requirements you may have. I will explain in detail how I work and show you some complete weddings, along with examples of other products such as albums. I will also explain my written contract, produce my insurance policy and qualification certificates too if you wish to see them.

It’s always a good idea to write down a few questions before the meeting and have an idea of what is most important to get from your photographer.

Can I see photographs and testimonials from other recent weddings?2018-04-19T20:29:45+00:00

Yes of course. You can see examples of my weddings in my wedding gallery showcase and wedding blog and see what previous clients have said about me on my testimonials page. The testimonials have been written to external sites such as google, Trustpilot and others; all to ensure that the reviews are are made independently. I will also show complete weddings during your consultation.

Do you mind if I research other photographers?2018-06-04T15:08:47+00:00

While I’m confident that you’ll find everything that you need at a competitive price, I absolutely encourage you to research other photographers! I’m a strong believer in the right photographer for the right client. After all you need to feel comfortable that you can work with us not only on the day but in the build-up to the wedding and afterwards.

Feel free to use these FAQ’s as your guide to researching other photographers.

Do I get the copyright; and can I print/copy the digital photographs myself?2018-04-18T19:58:40+00:00

This is quite often misunderstood by clients and some photographers so it’s a good question to ask; I actually retain the full copyright of all the photographs under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. However, I provide you with a full non-commercial license to use, share, print the photographs as you wish without any personal restrictions.

The Non-commercial part is purely a safeguard to stop other professional vendors using my photographs for their own promotion or commercial gain without my written permission – in that case if a vendor (let’s say florist) contacted you to say they wanted to use a photo from your wedding on their website (and you were ok with that) you would need to refer them to me rather than just give the photographs yourself. That way you are protected from a privacy perspective and I maintain my creative copyright.

A copy of the licence is provided to you; for example, if say you went to any reputable printers, they should first actually check to see if they are, copyrighted (which they are) and that you have licence to print (which you will have) them.

The only exception is for any slideshow DVD’s that contain music and is in a video format. These contain licensed music and therefore any further copying would be breaching the music copyright.

Do you mind if my guests take pictures?2019-10-03T22:07:47+00:00

Of course not, it’s your wedding after all! I’ve no issues with guests taking their own photographs during your wedding; it’s common practice these days anyway with so many camera phones around, and I will always try to accommodate opportunities for your guests by being as unobtrusive as possible.
However, there is the growing practice; that of an ‘unplugged wedding’. This is where a couple will ask and encourage their guests to put their cameras and phones away for the day to enjoy the day through their eyes and not a screen or lens!
I’ve had feedback from this kind of wedding where guests have enjoyed the day more, and have had increased excited anticipation to see the official photographs. It’s also a scientific fact that a person will remember more by looking through their own eyes then via a phone screen!
I say leave it to the professionals and enjoy the day, but at the end of the day though, it is totally up to you.

What’s an Engagement session?2018-04-19T20:35:22+00:00

An engagement shoot is a more detailed session where we spend 1-2 hours having a proper photography shoot with creative input and use of flash on and off camera; and the photographs are used to create a further keepsake, such as a signing book or engagement books. Contact me for further details about upgrading to an Engagement session and other available printed products.

Do you take traditional group shots?2018-04-18T19:59:14+00:00

Yes; I always recommend doing a few even if you are going for a pure documentary style.

It’s best to keep group list to a minimum (I recommend no more than around 8-10, however it is up to you on the day), a large list can eat into time and creativity; and while I aim to do them as quickly and relaxed as possible, it does rely on the guest’s cooperation and you don’t want your guests to be waiting around for too long. A good tip is to have the groups straight after the ceremony and before drinks are served!

What if it rains (or other things go wrong)?2019-02-04T10:23:44+00:00

Improvise adapt and overcome!

Seriously though I’ve experienced some very ‘wet’ weddings before; and I’m generally prepared to deal with most situations; and we can discuss contingency in your plans. Having said that I’m also happy to arrange a post-wedding session; perfect excuse to show those wedding outfits again!

Don’t forget about light. How much light is in the venue is it bright or dark? It’s useful to find this out so that a photographer can be ready for it. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind the time of day and the direction of the sun, we want to avoid squint eyes too!

It’s not just about the weather too; I’ve been at weddings where the rings were forgotten, where one of the couple has been over an hour late, where the suits didn’t fit, have had to administer first aid, guests feinting; and where the flowers didn’t turn up and when they did they were wrong… A wedding is a fluid entity and sometimes things go wrong, what is important though is that your photographer is adaptable to the situations whatever is thrown at them!

Leaving you to not worry and just enjoy the experience!

How much time do I need for photography?2018-04-19T20:41:53+00:00

As a photographer, the more time I have to photograph your day, the better! Something to bear in mind when planning the day is that phrase “where did the time go?” and in my experience, it tends to be all the little things. For example – Ceremony 2:00pm to 2:30pm followed by Group Photos 2:30pm to 3:00pm. However, what is often overlooked would be the 10 minutes it takes for everyone to come out of the church so it would be better to say Groups at 2:40 to 3:10. Don’t forget to think about the traffic, time for hair and make-up, the time it takes to get into and out of a car while wearing your wedding outfits and the fact that everyone is going to want to come and chat to you.

All these things and more; will soon eat into the time available for photographs. However, I always say “It’s a wedding, not a photoshoot”; and I’m there to capture the memories of the day, not to tell you how I would like the day to go. However, what it is my job to do, is to advise you what can be best achieved in the time available and offer suggestions around meeting your expectations.

What equipment do you use?2018-06-04T15:06:40+00:00

I work with Professional Canon Digital DSLR Cameras and equipment (5D MKIII (with L Series pro lenses) and professional lighting equipment; I always bring a range of spare/backup equipment and memory cards to cover any risk of failures and I use the latest industry standard Adobe software for my post processing work.

What’s your style of wedding photography?2018-04-19T20:30:55+00:00

My style sits somewhere between Photo-journalistic/Documentary style and contemporary ‘posed’ styles.

Primarily I’m there to capture the story of your wedding, unobtrusively and capturing real moments in as natural way as possible. At the same time, I will include some naturally looking posed shots for a more contemporary feel. Don’t forget to look at my gallery for examples; and of course, if you have any specific ideas already, I can tailor the style to your preference.

What makes you qualified?2018-06-04T15:03:17+00:00

I’ve had my work assessed and judged by highly respected and qualified photographers in the photographic industry, confirming my work as being of professional standard. I’ve been awarded qualifications from both the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP) and The Guild of Photographers (QGPP – Professional Photographer) / QGWP – Wedding Photographer). Being a member of a professional body ensures that I work to a professional code of conduct to ensure high quality and good service delivery to my clients.

I continue to practice and hone my skills through these organisations, attending seminars and professional workshops to stay updated with the latest techniques as well as sharing knowledge with fellow professionals. I believe that continued development is fundamental to providing the best service I can to all my clients.

Do you cover LGBTQ+ Gay & Lesbian Weddings and Civil Partnerships?2019-10-08T13:25:44+00:00

Absolutely; you’re my client!

I provide safe, inclusive and judgement-free photography to all my clients, no matter your background, beliefs or community. I’ll always provide the best service I possibly can to everyone!

Gay Wedding friendly Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
Gay Wedding friendly Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
How long have you been a wedding photographer?2019-02-04T10:21:52+00:00

I have been taking photographs ever since I can remember for personal use and travel, starting out with 35mm film cameras; I switched to digital cameras as technology improved and prices came down; and I have been providing professional photography services to clients as a business since 2009.

There is an argument among photographers and clients alike, about being a specialist to just wedding photography. However, first and foremost I consider myself a photographer/artist and image maker; and I employ skills from all genres of photography no matter what the subject, be that a wedding, commercial commission or family portrait session.

I believe that shooting varied commissions compliments one to the other. For example, understanding the skills needed to photograph jewellery for a commercial job are the same for when taking the ‘details’ when getting ready.

You’re not the cheapest Wedding photographer? My uncle Bob has a good camera and can do it for free!2018-04-18T19:59:37+00:00

I provide a professional photography service to my clients. I’ve invested time, effort and resources on developing my photography skills into a successful business; I use professional equipment, I’m fully insured and I’m a qualified member with 2 professional photography bodies – The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the Guild of Photographers. As such I adhere to a professional code of practice that gives my clients the confidence and peace of mind they are getting a valued quality product and service.

You’ll want me to be your photographer because I provide a complete wedding photography service; from consultation & planning, pre-wedding practice session, wedding day coverage, post processing every photograph and designing your album. I use professional suppliers for printing albums and coffee table books to guarantee you a high quality printed product; and will protect and display your valuable memories for generations to come.

Your price point is always going to be a major factor when deciding on your photographer; and friends and family with a camera may have the of best intentions when they offer to photograph your wedding and may even appear to be a cost effective solution, however wedding photography is not just about taking good photographs or owning a good camera; it’s about understanding the light; it’s  about people skills, it’s about being organised, being consistent, flexible to adapt to changing circumstances (for example, time slippages and the weather), protection if things go wrong (Insurance); and above all it’s about being professional.

You have to ask yourself honestly “what are my memories worth to me and to my family for generations to come?”

How long do you stay for?2018-04-19T20:40:39+00:00

Most full day weddings are up to 8-10 hours; and that is generally more than enough time to capture most weddings. From the getting ready up to and including the first dance regardless of any slight time slippages. We would discuss this during your consultation to ensure you get the right cover for your needs.

How are the photographs delivered?2018-04-18T19:58:56+00:00

As I don’t offer a ‘standard package’ like many other photographers, I’m not restricted to how you receive your photographs. I include whatever you would like in your custom collection. Primarily you will have access to a password protected online gallery where you can download all your photographs to your computer at no extra cost.

Some clients like to have a backup copy on a physical USB Drive; and others like to have prints of the photographs, along with albums, books, gifts, framed photographs, canvas prints and other products too. All of which, I’m more than happy to arrange and add to your wishes.

Are you insured?2018-06-04T15:01:08+00:00

Yes. I hold full Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Can I decide what pictures go into my album?2018-04-18T19:59:10+00:00

Yes of course. It’s your album and it needs to be perfect for you. I discuss your ‘must have’ photographs during the consultation and pre-wedding shoot and make those my priority on the day.

I do sometimes find that some clients can struggle when it comes to choosing the photos for their album. So, to help, I will select what I see as the best photographs of the day and design the story flow and layout for you. You’re then free to make any changes you like until you’re 100% happy.

What’s a pre-wedding shoot?2018-04-19T20:33:58+00:00

A pre-wedding is just a 20 to 30, minute practice session where I go through the ‘routine’ and provide tips for getting those natural shots and is normally part of the final meeting before the wedding to go over the wedding plan.

Not everyone is natural in front of the camera so this is an informal opportunity for you to get to know me better and how I work. Quite often this will be at the wedding venue, (especially useful if I haven’t shot at the venue before) giving us the chance to look at the best locations and points of interest that can be utilised on the actual wedding day; and if you are looking to have some traditional/contemporary posed photographs, I can provide a few ‘posing’ tips and have a little practice too. The important factor is that you are already comfortable with me on the actual wedding day!

I do not normally provide the ‘test practice photographs, it is more about you getting a feel for being in front of the camera. However, that said if there are any ‘keepers’ I feel you would appreciate I may include them. If you would like a more detailed photography session, then you can upgrade to an Engagement session.

The pre-wedding meeting is also a chance to review your planner and verify the final details such as the timings, group shots, contacts and “who’s who”.

Do you produce colour and black and white photographs?2018-04-18T19:59:05+00:00

I provide a mixture of colour and black and white photographs that I think best represents your wedding as some photographs will look better in colour and others in black and white. I will of course accommodate any specific requests too.

How many photographs do you take; and how many do I get?2018-04-18T19:59:00+00:00

I do not limit the number of photographs I take. Typically for a full days wedding guarantee, 500 is a realistic average for what you receive. However, it can also be more than this depending on the day; I’m only really restricted by available time, weather and number of guests.

Do you work alone at weddings?2019-02-08T14:49:47+00:00

While I’m more than confident to work alone, I however, do recommend as a minimum; and include an assistant as part of my base package. A wedding can be a very hectic/chaotic day (behind the scenes) with my main focus on covering the photography plan and capturing your day as much as possible. It makes sense for me to have a ‘hand’.

Having an assistant creates a number of advantages. They help with setting up and organising equipment, hold lighting  and modifiers, keeping track of what still needs to be photographed, keeping an eye on the surrounding activity (spotting photo opportunities), help with organising groups and liasing with other vendors. Essentially they are an extra pair of hands to carry out tasks to leave me the flexibility to be totally focused on your photography.

Second Photographer

Somthing else I also strongly recommend, is that of using an addtional experienced second photographer. This adds a lot more variety to your photographs of what’s captured througout the day. They can cover aspects (two places at the same time; different angles – e.g. Back of the ceremony, drinks reception while I’m covering couple portraits)

They’re also a backup/contingency as they will have their own equipment too and say for example there is travelling between venues, they can be sent in advance to cover arrivals. I use a regular set of photographers that I work with. All of them are photographers in their own right and I trust their abilities as much as my own.

I would normally discuss the option of a second photographer during your consultation, once I know more about your wishes.

“I love that shot… How did you do that?”2018-06-27T14:29:38+00:00

Firstly. Thank you for saying! While I can’t share my secrets here 😉 I use a a variety of skills and processes to make your photographs look as natural as possible. While it’s not essential, I always recommend at the very least a practice session or an engagement session prior to the wedding day; and where I do reveal some of my secrets and tips for looking your best!

Do you provide video coverage?2018-04-18T19:59:27+00:00

My passion and focus is on stills photography, however that’s not to say I won’t offer this as part of a services in the future. I would also be happy to recommend videographers that I’ve worked with before. If you already have someone in mind I will always discuss the day with them, to ensure that we both get the best from the day!

Where are you based?2019-03-02T15:10:42+00:00

I’m Based Welling which is in the South East London borough of Bexley and close to the Kent Border

How far will you travel?2018-06-04T15:10:33+00:00

The majority of my work is in London, Kent and the South East, however we can and have traveled throughout the UK and I can provide packages for destination weddings aboard if necessary. Please keep in mind that there may be additional charges for travel and transport depending on the destination. However, nothing is hidden and everything is agreed prior to the booking.

How big are the digital copies?2018-04-18T19:57:49+00:00

I supply the Hi-Res files as long edge 3600px @ 300ppi with no watermarks and do not restrict what you can do with the files. You can copy, print and share as you like. You can order additional prints and other printed products direct from your online gallery via professional printers. You are also free to use other printers that you download or use from a USB flash drive (if applicable) as you like.

If requested I can also provide smaller lower resolution copies for use in social networks such as facebook.

Can I customise my package or design a custom package to suit our needs?2019-02-08T14:30:02+00:00

Yes of Course!

I believe that every client and every wedding is unique; so, I’ve have moved away from offering a set of standard wedding packages – If everyone is unique how can there just be top, middle or bottom packages!

For most of my clients a full day’s coverage starts at £1675

This includes up to 9 hour’s coverage, 400-500 Hi-Res photographs, me plus an assistant (to help with equipment, logistics & lighting), practice session secure online gallery, where you can download your images for free. Plus I include a small coffee table book.

This is the ‘base’ package, that we work from and can customise to suit your needs. Either adding or removing various options until we get to the point that it’s perfect for you.

That way you get exactly what you want from the day at the best value. With that in mind your final investment is based very much on your expectations, wishes and coverage of the day

What you say about my wedding photography

“My wife and I hired Graham for our wedding and were delighted with the results. Throughout the day Graham was a pleasure to be around and was keen to listen to our ideas and requests, and, after applying his own professional and creative input provided us with a great product.”

Darren & Emma
RAF Club London

“We were lucky enough to have Graham and his assistant as our photographers at our wedding. Graham helped make our day extra special by being very professional and enthusiastic. His passion for photography really shows through in his personality. From the pre wedding meeting at our venue through to our wedding day, he was fun and relaxed and above all, made us feel that he really understood our needs. I wouldn’t change thing about it, our photos are absolutely stunning and we are looking forward to receiving our album.”

Caroline & Paul
Cooling Castle Barn Rochester Kent

“Graham is reliable, friendly and went out of his way to capture wonderful photographs of our wedding day. We would thoroughly recommend Graham for any special occasion as he knows how to capture any perfect moment”

Leigh and Chris

“We used Graham Baker for our wedding photographer this year in September (2017) at Leeds Castle in Kent and found him to be a brilliant, hard working and authentic photographer, perfectly suited to our needs and desires for our wedding day and he listened to everything we wanted and worked with us to achieve exactly that. We chose Graham as our wedding photographer after looking at many portfolios and speaking with other photographers because he was the perfect fit for what we needed, Graham was so reliable and attentive in being our photographer, he worked so hard in the weeks approaching our wedding to ensure everything was in place and ready and knew exactly what he wanted to capture on the day for us… and he definitely did that, Grahams pictures and the album he created for us is beyond beautiful. All our family and friends have said how perfect the pictures are and what a brilliant job Graham has done for us. He captured every moment of our special day and made everything look so natural. All our guests are smiling and enjoying themselves and you wouldn’t have known they were there. Brilliant photographer and worth every penny, we can look back at the pictures and relive every moment, he has captured everything we wanted and displayed it for us in such a beautiful and perfect way. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional reliable and trustworthy photographer, he will more than capture the moments you want, and he goes above and beyond to capture the perfect memories for you. Thank you so much for all your hard work Graham, we will cherish these memories forever.”

Victoria & Mark

“We have no hesitation in recommending Graham,who took our wedding photos, and can only echo the comments of other clients.He is very professional, a great photographer with a keen eye for a ‘good shot’. He clearly really knows his stuff, is well organised and prepared, taking (his own) time to visit venue beforehand. He pays great attention to detail and takes the trouble to find out exactly what you want as well as making invaluable suggestions using his own expertise.He is very personable, approachable and adaptable, creating a very easy going, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all involved, which helped to make everyone feel very comfortable in front the camera. He provides excellent service and quality as well as great photos and value for money.He really helped make our special day, Special”

Lyn and Peter
Sittingbourne Kent

“Graham, thank you so much for capturing the memories of our wedding day so beautifully…the photos are a joy to look through. You were an absolute rock to us on the day – going above and beyond to keep the day running smoothly and getting the best results for us. You were an absolute professional, but also made everyone feel at ease on the day – so many of our guests have commented on how amazing and dedicated you were! They also LOVE the photos! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; you were the fifth bridesmaid!!”

Emma & Tom
Barnsdale Lodge

“Couldn’t have asked for more! We were over the moon with the photos of our wedding in may this year. Graham met with us before to go through everything, customer service is 2nd to none! We still have guests now commenting on how great Graham was with his assistant on the day. Would definitely recommend!”

Amy & Sunil

“From the start Graham did an excellent job of putting us at ease, we were so nervous for our engagement shoot and by the day of our wedding Graham gave us the confidence to relax and even enjoy having our photos taken! When looking for a photographer, we were worried that our wedding photos would be static in the traditional ‘grip and grin’ format. That’s why Graham stood out for us, he went above and beyond and captured some really beautiful natural shots. Our friends and family are delighted with the photos, we would highly recommend Graham, he was worth every penny!”

Lisa & Craig

“We couldn’t recommend Graham highly enough! As two people who aren’t keen on photographs being taken of us, Graham made us feel comfortable and at ease from the moment we first met him. His unobtrusive style is exactly what we wanted for our wedding photography. Our engagement photos were brilliant and were bound in a beautiful presented book. We can’t wait to see our wedding photos! Thank you Graham!”

Claire & Jimmy
Glenmore House Surbiton

“Got the albums today, they are fantastic. Thank you so much for all your work throughout, we won’t hesitate to recommend your services or use you again if we have the need.”

Katherine & Ollie
The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn London Wedding

“We got married back in September and the day goes so quickly that you forget a lot of it! Graham’s photos helped us remember everything as well helping us see how happy our guests were! We couldn’t be happier with the way the photos have turned out. We wanted natural looking photos that showed us as a couple and Graham really delivered what we asked for and more! He also helped us create a really memorable guest book by allowing us to have a Disney engagement shoot and he went out if his way to assist in arranging this so it was perfect! If your looking for a photographer who delivers amazing photos and listens to what you want and personalise it to you then Graham is your man! “

Bethany & Claire

“Graham was a great choice for taking photographs of our special day in October this year (2014). He was professional and put everyone at ease, including us! He really puts in the effort to get an amazing variety of shots throughout the day. We would thoroughly recommend him.”

Gemma & Joe

“Dear Graham (Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire), Thank you so much for doing such a great job at our wedding. It was amazing to have you; we appreciated your knowledge and patience during all the last minute pre-wedding prep and hectic arrangements with the venue in addition to the normal wedding stuff. I hope it was not too tiring for you and you enjoyed the day, despite the weather. We absolutely loved the photos and felt like we were reliving the day again. The pictures you captured of the children were stunning and Jemma’s favourites included the photos within the wedding car and of course the first dance! Good luck with your business and I hope you have many more weddings and exciting shots in the future! All the best”

J & M
UK Wedding

Graham came on recommendation from a friend who used him at his own wedding, and from the moment we met him ourselves we could tell that he had a huge passion for what he does – from having the best equipment for the job to his excitement over capturing the perfect photo, and wow we were not disappointed. The photos we have are absolutely phenomenal and capture not only every aspect but also every emotion. Our portraits are so relaxed, yet breath-taking at the same time, and the shots of our guests are so natural because he blended in perfectly with the day – so much so our guests remarked that they didn’t even realise he was there at times. For us, Graham was more than just a photographer – he was a coach for the day. As soon as we booked him he helped us with timings and even on the day he would help us wherever we needed (from not knowing whose hand went on top when we cut the cake to the sudden nerves over wedding dress trains during the first dance!). We even had two guests asking us for his details for their own weddings because they were so impressed. If anyone were to ask us to recommend a photographer, we would point them to Graham in a heartbeat.”

Dominique & Matthew

“We are really pleased with the photos Graham took for our wedding. He made us and our guests feel relaxed and he was great at making people laugh and capturing some really personal moments. We can’t recommend Graham highly enough, really great pictures.”

Alex & Steve
The Warren, Metropolitan Police Club

“We were very pleased with service provided by Graham at our wedding. A few days before Graham took photos to get us ready and he made sure that we were in the best positions. On our wedding day Graham took lots of natural shots (we hardly knew he was doing this). After the service Graham managed the group photos really well. Throughout the time Graham was always friendly and helpful. We really recommend him.”

Crystal & Charles
The Boathouse - Danson Park Bexleyheath

“After seeing a number of photographers for our wedding at Danson House, we picked Graham because of his passion for what he does. He made us feel completely at ease and despite us both being camera shy, he made the photos one of the most special parts of our day filled with laughter and love. He went above and beyond our expectations, not just with us but he was great with our guests too. Graham made contact with us several times in the lead up to our big day, showing us how dependable he is. We trusted him completely with our photos which really put us at ease and took the weight off with so many other things to think about. The outcome of the photos was worth every penny, which in my opinion is a very reasonable cost anyway! When we sat and went through the photos we were both in tears at how he had captured exactly what we wanted. The photos are authentic, natural and captured all of the moments we wanted and more. We were able to relive our day through the photos and will do for years to come. Since returning from our honeymoon all we have had is family and friends commenting on how at ease they felt with Graham and telling us they will definitely be using him for their weddings. Would 100% recommend to anyone! Thank you Graham!”

Nikki & Adam

I didn’t want a lot for our wedding but I wanted an amazing photographer. Not only is Graham an absolute genius with a lens, he is an amazing guy. Made it comfortable, fun and easy on what is a pretty stressful day. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Graham!

Gemma & Jaffa

“Our experience of working with Graham was absolutely second to none. He is a superb photographer and has a real eye for identifying great photographs that will serve as a great memory of our wedding day. His passion and enthusiasm for wedding photography really comes across and nothing was too much trouble. On the day he was organised, professional and achieved the right balance of being directive versus letting people have a good time and enjoy themselves. This is something I have seen numerous photographers get wrong in the past. Above all, Graham seems to really care about getting the right shot. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Graham”

Katherine and Oliver
The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn - South Square London

“Graham people are so lucky to meet you. Nobody could ever wish to meet a true gentleman and fantastic photographer. You give all your brides such fantastic memories of their day and truly help to put everyone at ease to the point they don’t even know you’re there. Thank you for being part of our wedding and thank you for such terrific photos we will treasure forever x”

Julie and Barry
Donnington Manor Sevenoaks

“Graham was an absolute pleasure to meet and to arrange our wedding photography with. He listened to everything that we requested and delivered exceptionally.. We will be recommending to everybody we know without a doubt and are extremely grateful that we have such amazing photos to look back at the biggest day of our lives. Thanks Again! Top Work!”

Matt & Georgina

We can’t recommend Graham enough. We booked a wedding at short notice and wanted something outside of the standard packages. Graham met with us, discussed our requirements and agreed a price. On the day of the wedding he made us feel very relaxed and easy to work with. He remained flexible throughout the day as guests made additional requests. The problem we have now is choosing which of the wonderful photographs to print.

Lesley & Ian
Rowhill Grange Hotel Kent

“We used Graham for our wedding in August 2014 and now we have not only a memory of a wonderful day but lots of beautiful, perfect, wonderful photographs that Graham has professionally completed. Throughout the pre-wedding photo shoot and the wedding day itself Graham’s jovial personality shone through and putting us both at ease meant we could relax and enjoy the days. Graham is a fantastic photographer and knows exactly how to get the best out of those he is photographing. Graham has produced so many brilliant photographs of our wedding day magically getting children to be at ease in front of the lens and getting those shots that catch people off guard in a natural way. I cannot recommend Graham enough and will be using him again no doubt.”

Alison and Dimitri
Lythe Hill Hotel Surrey

Graham is a highly professional photographer who not only makes everyone feel at ease in front of the camera, but captures such high quality, natural photographs. Although our wedding was a little different with our 3 month old baby girl, Graham was able to capture our moments in between the baby crying and feeding. I highly recommend Graham. The photos were amazing. Utter perfection. We could not be happier. Thank you ever so much Graham!”

Hayley & Kirk

Graham is an amazing photographer to work with. From the moment the wedding photography was booked he kept in contact with us regularly to make sure he knew what we wanted and had all the key information needed. He made sure to ask if we had any particular photos we wanted done and even checked out my Pinterest board to check our photos shots that I (the bride) liked. To make sure all moments were captured, he made sure to bring a second photographer. He spent the morning with me whilst my groom was being seen to by the second in command. Their professionalism was flawless.We didn’t spend too long taking photos but he made sure to get every shot we requested on our list plus many more. At times, you wouldn’t even know he was there (in a good way) as the cameras weren’t always in your face. Following the wedding, we waited less than 6 weeks to get our photos back and straight away was given access to picking our wedding album shots – which came out beautifully by the way. I’ve always said that if we ever renew out vows, I know who I’m going to ask to come and take photos again. Something I also appreciate is that he makes sure to know who he is working with make-up, music, catering etc. wise and tags them in photos where possible.


Amy & Kevin

“Graham is very friendly and took the time beforehand to get to know us and a feel for what we were looking for from our wedding photographs. On the day he was extremely professional and seamlessly blended in to the background so that you never knew he was there. He was great at making people feel at ease, which was evident from the beautiful pictures that he took on the day.”

Sonia & Lee

“Graham photographed our wedding in April 2015 in Greenwich. He did a fantastic job. We wanted someone who would be able to herd the groups together quickly and he handled the crowd with aplomb. He was confident and funny and able to keep everybody smiling. He was available to advise us at every step and came to the church with us beforehand to scope out the best shots. His fees were very reasonable considering they included all the pre-meetings, his assistant and a big leather album. He was also very patient about our edits to the album. I would 100% recommend Graham to anyone getting married!”

Claudia & Dan
Greenwich London

Graham was our wedding photographer in April 2018. We are so happy with our photos and they make perfect memories of the day. Graham was reliable and trustworthy we felt confident with him as soon as we met him! So happy that we chose him as our photographer. I had asked Graham to take a separate photo of myself and my husband with my nan as she would only be able to attend the wedding for a short while. Graham ensured this was done despite the day being a complete whirlwind. He took several different photos and even sent me some early. I will cherish those forever as my nan passed away shortly after. We are so grateful for them and for Graham’s professionalism on the day to make sure they were taken. Thank you Graham!”

Sophie & Daryl

“Graham and his assistant did a fine job at our wedding at Dulwich College, London on 9th April 2016. He was very accommodating to our needs on the day and after the event. I should specifically point out that we needed a sample of high quality photos for a second reception abroad a few days later. Graham was able to deliver on this on a quick turnaround and we were delighted with the output. Graham has excellent customer care skills and is a dedicated photographer. If you are looking for someone who is well qualified, reliable and highly attentive as a photographer, Graham Baker should be your first port of call.”

Sarah & Selim
Dulwich College London

“I had the pleasure of working with Graham at a wedding back in March 2013 and can highly recommend him! Fantastic images, great to be work alongside and very enthusiastic about every project he takes on”

Victoria Chainey

“We are sitting in the British airways first class lounge with our tongues hanging out! The shots are amazing. You were truly brilliant on the day and we feel very lucky that you have captured our special day. Really really chuffed thank you!”

Catherine & Des

“We are so grateful for all your hard work on our special day. We asked you to try and keep things relaxed and you did just that and kept things flowing really well. The photos are amazing and you have captured the day really well. We would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thanks once again”

Susie and Toby
Archbishops Palace Maidstone Kent

“When we were looking for our wedding photographer we looked for one that could work with the weather as the weather in the UK is so unpredictable. We saw this amazing photograph that Graham took and decided he was right for us. What can I say Graham is a true professional from beginning to end he made us feel at ease including our wedding guest. Graham just knew what pictures to take when. So if your looking for a great, reliable, professional photographer Graham is the photographer for you. We can not recommend him enough. I think you will agree this picture says it all.”

Kelly & Tony

“Graham thank you sooooo much for the weekend, we couldn’t have asked for more; you were fantastic! Everyone’s saying how creative and fun you were and that you’re the best photographer they’ve seen; and they said they are recommending you to everyone!…”

Jade & Tom
Greenwoods Hotel Spa Essex

Graham was our photographer for our central London wedding in September and I am so happy we chose him. We met a few photographers and Graham was by far the most enthusiastic and had some great pictures already in his portfolio! We have been to plenty of weddings before where the photographs seem to take forever and the bride and groom go missing for hours and we didn’t want that to be us, we wanted to enjoy our party! For this to happen we knew we needed someone who wouldn’t be afraid to give our guests plenty of instructions so we would get our pictures done quickly! Graham provided us with a ‘time sheet’ which proved invaluable at helping us to plan our day and work out how long we had for photos and where everyone should be and when – it was such a simple idea but it really helped us to organise our day. Having had our photos back now we couldn’t be more pleased with them. They perfectly capture our wedding and all the small details that went into making it a fantastic day. We are getting a coffee table book made and Graham was so patient with me swapping and changing all the photos around! I’m sure it’s going to be perfect now! Thank you Graham.”

Emma & Adam

“Graham was our wedding photographer in June 2013, he is a brilliant person, great fun to have around and exceptional at what he does. Our photos are truly wonderful and Graham was like a guest at our wedding, albeit a guest that worked his socks off from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble. I honestly cannot recommend Graham highly enough, he loves what he does and that really shows in his personality and his photos, thank you doesn’t even come close to our gratitude 🙂 “

Karen and Ian
Holy Trinity Church Sidcup & Mercure Maidstone Hotel

“Graham was our wedding photographer in June 2014 and we have to say firstly that the photographs are simply breathtaking! We are absolutely thrilled! We knew from the first time we met Graham that he was exactly the kind of photographer we wanted for our big day. He is so down-to-earth, friendly and easy going yet totally professional, and completely understood what we were after, listening to our suggestions and giving us lots of ideas. The test shoot was great fun and ideal preparation, making us both feel relaxed in front of the camera and getting our creative juices flowing! On the big day Graham went above and beyond, ensuring that we got all the shots we were after, and found the right balance between blending into the background and organising us when needed. Everyone says how much they loved Graham and how he just felt like one of the party! Thank you so much Graham, and we, or our friends/relatives, will definitely be using you in the future!”

Lisa & John
Chelsea Old Town Hall

Graham was an amazing photographer for our wedding, he understood what we wanted and was very flexible as we wanted a mix of formal and journalistic. He captured the day beautifully and put us all at ease. Lots of guests have commented on how lovely the pictures are.

Michelle & Horacio

We chose Graham as our wedding photographer and couldn’t be more happy with the service we received. He took the time to get to know us and exactly what we were hoping to achieve. He put us both at ease and as a result got some amazing pictures of our fabulous day. He was very friendly to all our guests and worked his magic with the children at the celebration capturing some great surprise shots that we love. He was always quick to respond to any communication and nothing was too much trouble. 5 star service from start to finish.


Pippa & Scott

We had every faith that Graham could capture the day how we had imagined and he definitely did just that! My husband and I searched for a while to find someone that we both felt would capture our wedding in the way we wanted. After meeting initially with Graham we were confident that Graham was the best man for the job. Graham is very down to earth, professional and provided the support and reassurance that all bride and grooms need in the lead up to their big day. My husband and I are very thankful for the help and support Graham provided both leading up to and during our big day. Graham’s confidence, professionalism and humor certainly helped to ensure we could relax and enjoy our wedding day. The end result is more than we could have wished for, with hundreds of amazing photographs that captured our wedding surrounded by those most important to us. We would 1000% recommend Graham to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!


Katie & Paul

“Graham Baker was one of the best choices we made when planning our wedding day. He was reliable, professional and honest – he had the time to listen to our wants and needs and translate these into beautiful photography. Graham was also friendly, responsive and flexible – all of the things that a busy bride to be needs! He was also a brilliant person to have there on the day – we didn’t even know that he was there most of the time and yet he has captured some of the most incredible images of our day. Thank you Graham (and Cate the second shooter!) for documenting our day so well!”

Lauren & Christopher

“Really listened to what we wanted, very dependable and was worth every penny! Captured all the great moments while we were just enjoying our day. Was exactly what we wanted and would recommend Graham to anyone who wants great photos for their special day.”

Rose & Adam

“I just want to thank you for capturing our special day so well. You kept me so calm throughout a day which could have been even more hectic!! You organised our guests very efficiently and got all the photos I wanted plus a lot more. The after care has also been brilliant and I could not be happier with the photos you have given us. I have already recommended you to a friend for their wedding next year!”

Louise & Leo
Bexley Villiage Wedding

“Graham was the photographer at our wedding. His shots are outstanding, he is a fantastic photographer and really knows how to capture the special moments. He has a great personality and made everyone relax”

Kim & Frank
West Sussex Wedding

Graham was incredible, I was very nervous about having photos taken of me at our wedding as I don’t really like having my picture taken, however Graham instantly made me feel at ease and I ended up enjoying it. The photos are absolutely amazing and really showed every aspect of our special day. Everyone has commented on how lovely the photographs are. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they certainly exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Graham to everyone, especially if you are a little camera shy, Graham will help you relax and capture some magnificent moments. I am so happy with all of the images and can’t wait until my album arrives!!!

Olivia & Harry

“We would highly recommend Graham to anyone who wants fantastic photographs of their wedding or any event. Graham made us feel relaxed and he was great fun to work with. He works well with children and made everyone feel at ease. Graham is genuinely a great guy with a good sense of humour and throughout our whole wedding day did not stop working and we have got some fantastic photos because of this. “

Nicola and Barry
Oysterfleet Canvey Island Essex

“It is the best picture wedding I had ever seen. Thank you Graham Baker photography for doing such fantastic job on my wedding day! When I saw my wedding picture first time I was so breath taking all of my pictures are so stunning! Every pictures can tell the story of my wedding by itself so WELL it’s a combination of ART EMOTIONAL and CULTURE which I can keep this moment with me forever !”

Joy Mananya
Thailand - Destination Wedding

Graham was amazing throughout our wedding journey, from the very beginning when we were starting to plan until the end. He made us feel at ease straight away and I could tell we would be in safe hands. He also helped us when it came to choosing our invitations and couldn’t do enough to help, he really understood what we were trying to achieve and embraced our slightly alternative theme. The photos were absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We met for a practice run before the wedding which helped a lot on the day, everyone felt comfortable and as a result we had many natural and beautiful photos. I would pick Graham for all our future events as he is such a lovely person and a great photographer. Our day would not have been complete without him and his assistant Jess. His prices are more than reasonable and his attention to detail is spot on. Hope to work with him again soon and would recommend him to anyone planning for a wedding or for any event/family photos.


Sophie & Brett

“We had Graham as photographer for our wedding in July this year and we cannot recommend him highly enough. In advance of the big day, we had a practice session with him, which was itself very useful. On the wedding day itself, he was a calming (and humorous) presence. The weather could not have been worse, but he was a very calm and positive presence throughout, and the pictures look fantastic despite the rain. The photos themselves are brilliant, really capturing the feeling of the wedding day. Wedding photographers are inevitably not cheap, but we felt that his rates were very good value given the level of service we received.”

Imogen & Tim
Royal Naval College Greenwich

“Graham took photo’s at my daughters wedding, Donna and Will married at the Ferry House Inn. The pictures are absolutely amazing, I am so impressed and would recommend his work very highly. I have just seen a You Tube clip that he has posted with a slide show, of the day. Made us all cry. Excellent work.!”

Mother of the Bride
Ferry House Inn - Kent

” We would and have recommended Graham to everyone we know. Due to work commitments I had to meet Graham on my own when trying to choose a wedding photographer, so my then fiancee had not met him prior to deciding that Graham was ‘the one’ however my own first impression was so positive we chose Graham straight away. We have not been disappointed. In fact, the opposite, he is fantastic. We enjoyed the pre-wedding photo shoot so much and it relaxed us for the big day. We did not have a big wedding but the group photos were done seamlessly and full of laughter; onto the photos of just me and my husband, well what can i say I loved every second. On top of taking the most amazing photographs and being ever the professional throughout the day Graham is a great, cheeky, fun man who I would use again without question.”

Alison and Dimitri
Lythe Hill Hotel Haslemere

“We had Graham Baker as our photographer for our wedding in August 2014. We would highly recommend him!! When organising our wedding we met a few different photographers and the moment we started talking to Graham we knew we wanted him as our photographer. We personally do not like being in front of a camera and Graham put us at ease. Just from talking to him you will realise he is very down to earth but such a professional. We had a pre-wedding photo shoot which I am so happy we chose to do. With this shoot you spend an hour or two just learning how to stand in front of a camera, it sounds really simple but to anyone nervous of a camera it’s ideal to try this before your wedding day. Graham even gave us tips with our dancing! On the day of the wedding we were so happy we chose him, he was so calming, professional and it is lovely to see someone with such a passion for photography.”

Donna & Will
Ferry House Inn - Sheerness Kent

“My husband and I got married on 10th April 2015 and had Graham as our photographer. He is an amazing photographer as well as being extremely friendly and fantastic at making everyone feel relaxed. We could not recommend Graham highly enough – our photos are phenomenal and all of our guests were very impressed! Thank you so much Graham for capturing our wedding day perfectly.”

Ashley & Jack
Cooling Castle Barn Rochester Kent

Graham photographed our wedding at Dulwich College and we are so pleased we picked him! From our initial chat I was convinced he was the one. He put us at ease and gave us lots of advice and tips. We have just received out photos and we couldn’t be happier 🙂 They are exactly as we wanted, creative and capturing the natural moments. He was worth every penny! Thank you Graham.


Yasmin & Waqas

“April 2016 Wedding in Swanley, Kent. Brilliant work. I have loved Graham Baker Photography from the very first day my wife and I decided on a photographer. The work is spectacular and highly professional. GBP is worth its weight in gold. We now have beautiful memories of our day forever! GBP can definitely make the most of any situation of scenery! I can vouch for that!”

Hannah & Michael
Swanley Kent

“We were recommended to see Graham as we had heard he was ‘the best photographer’ in the area, and there is no doubt about that! We picked Graham after meeting with him as we saw his style of photography being relaxed and natural, exactly what we were looking for. Graham made us feel extremely comfortable and there was no doubt we would have picked anyone over him. Graham listened to what we wanted, he knew the venue well so had some great suggestions of some of the best spots to capture the perfect moments of our special day. I really couldn’t recommend Graham enough, if you want someone that is outstanding, natural and creative Graham is the photographer for you! Thanks so much Graham for giving us the best memories from the most perfect day.

Laura & Graham

“To sum up Graham as a person I would say ‘a fantastic, friendly, professional guy’. To sum up Graham’s work I would say ‘ absolutely fantastic’. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Graham, not only on our big day but also during the weeks prior to the wedding and following our big day. All our friends and family commented on how nice Graham was and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anybody. Thank-you so so much.”

Dean & Louise
Kent Wedding

“We chose Graham to be our wedding photographer as we were so impressed with his professionalism from day one. We’d seen other photographers but were really taken with Graham’s enthusiasm and proven experience, not to mention his deep knowledge of the venue itself, the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Graham was also really on top of timings on what was a very busy day, organising everyone while putting a smile on their faces! He was a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly recommend his services.”

Sylvia & Mark

“We just can’t recommend Graham Baker photography enough. Graham is so down-to-earth, easy-going and friendly yet incredibly professional and passionate about his work. From meeting Graham for the first time we knew we were going to be in good hands and he completely understood the approach we wanted for our small, intimate wedding. The “test shoot” was incredibly fun and Graham made us feel extremely relaxed in front of the camera. On the big day Graham couldn’t do enough for us, staying long after he needed to to ensure we got the photo’s we wanted and it felt like he was one of the guests. Most importantly Graham has an incredible eye for shots and the photographs are simply amazing, we are absolutely delighted! Thank you so much Graham and we wish you all the best for the future”

Jon & Lisa Pryke
Kensington & Chelsea London

“Graham was the most fantastic wedding photographer. We were so pleased with the whole service from him- from meeting us beforehand and visiting the venue, to the long days graft that he put in on our wedding day. He is a truly lovely bloke and put us and all our guests at ease. His photographers are stunning, really natural and he’s captured personalities perfectly. We can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Ali & Wayne

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