Graham is an amazing photographer to work with. From the moment the wedding photography was booked he kept in contact with us regularly to make sure he knew what we wanted and had all the key information needed. He made sure to ask if we had any particular photos we wanted done and even checked out my Pinterest board to check our photos shots that I (the bride) liked. To make sure all moments were captured, he made sure to bring a second photographer. He spent the morning with me whilst my groom was being seen to by the second in command. Their professionalism was flawless.We didn’t spend too long taking photos but he made sure to get every shot we requested on our list plus many more. At times, you wouldn’t even know he was there (in a good way) as the cameras weren’t always in your face. Following the wedding, we waited less than 6 weeks to get our photos back and straight away was given access to picking our wedding album shots – which came out beautifully by the way. I’ve always said that if we ever renew out vows, I know who I’m going to ask to come and take photos again. Something I also appreciate is that he makes sure to know who he is working with make-up, music, catering etc. wise and tags them in photos where possible.